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Driven by a general interest since 1974, I, as the son of a French mother and a Swiss photographer, went to the School of Design in Zurich (now ZHDK) a long time ago and concluded my education as a graphic designer (Illustrator and photographer). After a period abroad, I spent several years freelancing for various reputable advertising agencies, establishing my own studio in Glattbrugg, and accumulating over 25 years of work experience.
For the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself increasingly to my artistic side, organizing exhibitions and receiving positive feedback in Switzerland and France. I have collaborated with diverse artists and galleries and actively support creative projects.

My passion for 19th-century historical photographic techniques and the craft of papermaking, along with my ongoing interest in artisanal craftsmanship and the handmade, has bestowed valuable skills upon me.
Additionally, I occasionally participate as a supporting actor in films, document my travels through photography, and lend a hand, within my capabilities, as a craftsman, teacher, sparring partner, advisor, and more.
I love being creative, be it in the realm of art or other fields. My journey is characterized by continuous research, learning, and experimentation.

Pascal Kehl Boesner_1.jpg
"Art should engage, captivate,
inspire, motivate, perhaps amuse,
and ideally makes people question their point of view."

On my website, every element originates from my own hand – starting with handcrafted paper and fiber extraction, extending to historical photography, including constructing my own cameras and mixing of photo chemicals and plate coating. Also processes such as screen printing, cyanotype, and salt printing, used to replicate some of my works, are handmade. This dedication arises from a deep connection to the respective craft and the aspiration to preserve it. Importantly, this by no means implies that modern techniques do not have their place in my creative process.



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